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ASLE UKI / LAND2 CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 2017 - Field Trips on 7th September DSYF-FAC-0015




FIELD TRIP TWO - The Entomological Imagination at Doncaster Museum

Please make sure that you have joined ASLE-UKI before paying for this conference UNLESS
* you are a member of LAND2
* you are attending as a fine artist only
* you are a member of a sister organisation such as EASCLE or ASLE U.S.
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Detailed Description

FIELD TRIP TWO: The Entomological Imagination at Doncaster Museum Led by John Miller, ASLE-UKI, English Literature Lecturer at Sheffield University and co-editor of Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature. There are over 1 million species of insects, perhaps a good many more; as such they represent around 85% of the known varieties of animal life and are so numerous that there are probably more of them alive at any one time than all other forms of life put together. They precede humanity by several million years and are vital to the flourishing of both ecological systems and human cultures. Yet the humanities, even in their ecological and animal turns, have paid very little attention to insect life. This afternoon event will present a small number of academic papers by Fabienne Collignon, Rachel Murray, Jonas House and Michael Malaym addressing the meaning and significance of insects in literature and culture. We will travel to the entomology collection at Doncaster Museum, a short drive from Sheffield, and will have time to browse the books and specimens on display between papers. We will conclude by discussing possible plans for a future insect network. Limited space: 18 places available